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Archangel Set 

These symbolic stones are used to call in the healing power of the Angels, or place them in a room for protection and healing. Carry in your pocket to bring the angels closer, or use to amplify or clear your own energy.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Angel of the South and element of fire. Angel of justice, strength and protection.
Archangel Michael's name means, Who is like God. He is a powerful warrior Angel, who protects and guides us when we ask, offering to us courage to face difficult times. Archangel Michael is the angel in command of Light Workers.
Hold the stone in your hand and ask Archangel Michael to remove any negative energy around you, your loved ones, your property or anywhere that is needed.
Ask him for protection when needed. If upset, ask him to calm your fears and anxieties. He will be your guardian angel and protect you from harm.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL - Angel of the East and Element of Air. Call on Raphael for healing energy. The name means "God Heals". Archangel Raphael supervises healers and healing for the entire Earth. He watches over the Earth and protects us.
Place the stone in your hand and ask Raphael to help you with any problems whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or relationship issues. Angels won't help unless you ask and when you call on Raphael, you will be surrounded by a beautiful nurturing, healing emerald green energy. You may get sudden ideas or insights, and know just what to do to solve an issue. Bring the stone with you during travelling as Rachael is the Angel of Travel and watches over us.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL - Angel of the West and Element of Water. Patron of Messengers, Angel of Resurrection, Mercy and Peace.
Her name means "God is my strength". Archangel Gabrielle has a feminine energy. She assists with career problems, conception and childbirth issues, dream interpretation, and intuition.
Place the stone in your hand and ask Gabrielle to help you make decisions in work or help with job interviews, or job advancement. She will clear your mind so you can make the best decision for you. She helps you move ahead, if you feel stuck in a situation, she will clear the way so you can advance.
If trying to conceive, place the stone near your bed with the intention that everything will work out as it should.
Having trouble figuring out what your dreams mean? Ask Gabrielle to give you insight into the workings of your dreams.
Gabrielle will help increase your intuition and psychic ability, hold the stone in your hand or place under your pillow at night and ask Gabrielle to increase your intuition. She will be there instantly.

ARCHANGEL URIEL - Angel of the North and Element of Earth. Keeper of Prophecy, Angel or Nature, Visions and Instruction.
Archangel Uriel name means "Light of God". He is there to heal painful memories and past hurts. If you need to forgive someone or need someone to forgive you, use this stone and ask Archangel Uriel to bring divine light and blessings into the situation. Uriel will bring justice and inner peace to your world when asked; ease the dangers of natural disasters from earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and fire, help with chaotic situations to bring a calming energy.
Ask Uriel to heal any stressful situation and allow his energy to permeate your being.
Place the stone in your hand and ask Uriel to help with your goals. Uriel helps with motivation and offers support in reaching your goals.