Complete Smudging Cleansing Pack

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Complete Smudging Cleansing Pack 

This complete smudging cleansing set contains everything you need to cleanse your home or work place to rid your space or yourself of stagnant, negative or toxic energy. Great to do weekly, monthly, at the beginning of each season or whenever you feel it's necessary!

This complete smudging, cleansing pack contains: 

- 1x Packet of White Sage Incense Sticks

- 1x Incense Holder (Pentagram or Moon Phase style)

- 1x White Sage Smudge Stick

- 1x Protection Salt

- 1x Heather Besom Broom 

- 2x Instructions on how to use this kit including Besom spell.

How To Use:

The incense is great for smudging your environment when you are limited for time. Simply light a stick and place in the supplied holder, open all doors and windows to allow negative energy to escape.

The White Sage smudge stick is used for cleansing yourself, for smudging a room or your entire house (room by room).

The Protection Salt is used after the smudging process has been done to protect your home.

The Besom Broom is to perform an old English ritual to chase negative spirits/energy from your home. Perform this spell preferably on a waning moon. Starting at the highest/furtherest room in your home, sweep backward through each doorway, symbolically chasing all bad feelings. Spell and instructions included with broom.

Broom is made from Heather. Measures approx. 19-20cm long x 9-12cm wide x 1cm thick.