Heart Of Avalon: Guided Visualisation CD

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Heart Of Avalon: Guided Visualisation CD

Allow Heidi Hanley to guide you through a mystical journey into the heart of Avalon. Avalon has long been connected with the divine feminine as a sacred and profoundly magical place. The journey across the water allows you to feel as if you are truly entering the realm of Avalon. During this journey you will have the opportunity to meet your Soul Family and receive profound gifts. This guided visualisation is truly about the journey to and from Avalon and the connection to the feminine energy to help you on your own journey of transformation.

The music masterfully crafted by award winning musician Medwyn Goodall intertwined with Heidi’s voice has a deeply mystical approach, with a Celtic folk energy, giving it an ancient feel.

The music includes forest bird song, gentle waves on a shore, open water on a small boat, the opening/closing of an old doorway-gate, a breeze through bushes – grass and orchard, and finally a wind around an ancient tower.The instruments used are Celtic Harp, Celtic Penny Whistle, Uillean pipes, Classical Guitar, and a haunting female vocal.

The Celtic instruments provide the history, the guitar the intimate warmth; the vocal symbolises and emphasises the feminine.

Suitable for both women and men, this wonderful journey will leave you with a deep sense of peace and clarity.