Ilanite (Que Sera) Skull # 220

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Ilanite (Que Sera) Skull # 220 
approx. size 9cm length x 6.6cm height
520 grams

This stone is found only in Brazil and is a mixture of different types of stone, including Quartz, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoisite and Leucozene. The blue parts are a type of quartz crystal, and although almost all the stones have some blue in them, this is not necessarily the case.

Que Sera, aka Vulcanite, are new-age stones with this unusual vibration that is amazing and completely different. Looking into the crystal will bring a sparkle to one's eyes, a shine to one's life and a substance to one's aspirations. It encourages one to let loose and enjoy life.