Among the many legendary powers surrounding carnelian are its remarkable qualities as a stone of protection and of great spirituality.

Carnelian takes its name from the Latin word 'cornu', which means 'horn', and the stone is particularly associated with sexual energy and fertility by crystal healers.

Throughout history, carnelian has been attributed protective powers. In Islam, it is called the Mecca stone and used as an amulet against the evil eye. Muslims also believed that engraving the name of Allah on carnelian would promote courage in the bearer.

Stone Of Happiness

Carnelian has long been seen as a symbol of joy and peace, used for promoting good cheer and banishing sorrow. In Buddhism, carnelian represented such qualities as faith, perseverance and wisdom. Even in more modern times, the German literary figure Goethe connected powers of protection, luck, comfort and hope with carnelian.

(sourced from 'Enhancing Your Mind, Body, Spirit')