Natural Raw Green Tourmaline #150 - 508 grams

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Natural Raw Green Tourmaline #150 - 508 grams  

approx. size 6.3cm H x 8.2cm x 5.3cm

508 grams

Green Tourmaline is a very powerful healing stone. It helps bring harmony to one's heart by bringing balance and stability to the heart's energy field. It also helps align the heart's electromagnetic field to that of the Earth, bringing strength to the heart and helping the flow of healing energy around the body.

The meaning and healing properties of Green Tourmaline are often used with the goal of helping with issues related to anger, depression, and anxiety. If you are feeling stressed out, anxious, or depressed, Green Tourmaline can help to bring you back into balance. It can help to calm anxiety and relieve stress to promote a sense of calm.

Green Tourmaline is known to boost self-esteem and improve self-confidence. It encourages feelings of love and compassion for oneself and others. It can help you to release any pent-up anger that you have inside and give you a sense of inner peace.