Pink Amethyst Free Form #170

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Pink Amethyst Free Form #170

approx. size 9.4cm H x 3.9cm W x 2.9cm D

134 grams

Pink Amethyst is a stone of passion and can assist you in releasing negative emotions. Opening up our heart chakra is one of the hardest things we can do, as it is emotionally painful to reveal past wounds. However, the only way to overcome these blockages is to acknowledge their existence and push past them using healing practices. Whether it be meditating, therapy, yoga, or simply taking long walks; using Pink Amethyst during these routines will help excel your emotional body. This stone imbues your aura with self-confidence, providing you with reassurance during self-doubt. This is largely attributed to the Iron within the Pink Amethyst that helps ground and activates your root chakra. 

Note: This little fella does stand on his own but is unstable. A little blu-tak should do the trick.