Rainbow Fluorite Parrot #243

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Rainbow Fluorite Parrot #243  

approx. size 14cm height x 5.1cm x 4.8cm

510 grams

Rainbow Fluorite is a wonderful healer on many, many levels. Because of the large range of colours it has multiple talents! The green colour has a strong focus on the devic realm, aura cleansing, and promoting purity in general. The purple has a focus on blueprinting the cellular structure, particularly the skeletal system, to pre-pollution mapping. (Modern day living has bought about pollutants such as heavy metals which corrupt the human cellular structure, giving rise to issues such as cancers, osteoporosis and so on). The purple portion then accelerates the cellular mitosis process, enabling the new cells being generated to follow the correct blueprint. The yellow/gold colours promote joy, happiness, well-being, and gives an all around boost in personal energy. The clear portion brings focus and clarity to both emotional and the mental senses.

Rainbow Fluorite is a beautiful, captivating mineral that is appreciated not only by those that have a natural affinity and interest in crystals, but also those with no experience or knowledge of crystals at all. They make great gifts for those you care about and that you would like to help bring creative colour-filled light into their lives! As Rainbow Fluorite comes in so many beautiful shapes and color variations, it makes for a near essential tool in anybody’s healing kit bag.