Amethyst Seer Stone

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Amethyst Seer Stone 
average size 3.5cm x 3cm

Amethyst is a powerful stone and has strong healing and purification powers. It relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances moods and dispels anger, fear and anxiety. This beautiful crystal can also help to sooth anyone who is grieving or experiencing sadness. Amethyst is wonderful for meditation, as it assists in entering a meditative state. It's also wonderful for intuitive work, as it stimulates the Third Eye and offers spiritual protection. This purple stone enables us to surrender to the Divine and enhances psychic abilities.

Seer Stone - Seer stone is a natural, water polished stone that is cut to reveal an inner world.  Is an excellent aid to scrying as it shows past, present, and future and can take you deep into your inner self.  It is also said that you can program a seer stone to take you back to a specific time frame to access its knowledge.