Chakra Lava Stone Bracelet 8mm

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Chakra Lava Stone Bracelet 8mm 

Known for its grounding and calming healing properties, lava stone is great for stabilising the root chakra. When the root chakra is stabilised, you feel safe, anchored and more positive.

Lava Rock is a beautiful and strong, yet porous natural volcanic stone. It's perfect for Aromatherapy diffusing.

Simply add 1-2 drops of your favourite pure essential oil directly onto the Lava Rock. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits and fragrance all day!

When Chakra Bracelets are worn, it helps to keep the seven components at their right energy levels causing the wearer to feel more balanced. The Chakra Bracelet or sometimes refereed as to the “healing bracelet” wearer tends to receive a energy from the power of the gemstones or crystals.