Copy of Pentacle Pendant #183 - Sterling Silver & Bronze

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Pentacle Pendant #183 - Sterling Silver & Bronze

Size: 2.7cm

The Pentacle is a talisman of power. It can be used for protection, to evoke magic, to summon spirits or to harness elemental energies.

There are many different forms of pentacles but the one most commonly used today, in large part by followers of Wicca and other Neopagan traditions, is the encircled pentagram.

A pentagram, which is a 5-pointed star drawn with one continuous line, symbolizes the natural order of things - its four lower points relate to the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire), whilst the upward reaching point, which rises and presides over the others, represents Spirit transcending and dominating the material world of the elements.

Bound within the circle and in service to Spirit, the energy of the 4 elements can be summoned and directed by the practitioner as required.