De-Stress Spell Kit - Lyllith Dragonheart

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De-Stress Spell Kit - Lyllith Dragonheart 

 An easy little spell kit to help you de-stress and relax. Our little Chill Out Spell


☆ Instructions/Spell sheet,

☆ 1 x Charcoal tablet,

☆ small packet of our de-stress incense blend,

☆ 1 x blue ritual candle.

One of Lyllith's most popular spell kits, this spell is also good to help you relax before meditation.

*Spells should be cast as directed, we do not offer any guarantees despite our positive feedback as the Universe works in it's own mysterious ways and sometimes this means lessons are required to be learnt on your life journey etc. Always be sure your intention is clear and positive when casting spells of any kind.