Diopside Tumble Stones

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Tumble stone sizes generally range from 1 - 3cm
Diopside Tumble Stone

Diopside is a very empowering crystal that’s perfect for anyone who has a strong passion for taking care of the well-being of the planet.
It’s a very compelling crystal because it will promote a good service to the earth and those who live in it!
Diopside is most often green that carries green rays and helps you form a heart-based connection with the energies in the environment.
If making a connection to Mother Gaia is your desire, Diopside will help you achieve it and harmonize your energies.
It will support you in connecting with the earth, especially when you are experiencing so many changes around you.
You should consider harnessing the energies of this crystal, especially if you want to reassure the earth that you have its best interests at heart.
The green variety of Diopside, also known as Chrome Diopside, will connect you to the Mother Gaia and to the heartbeat of the earth.
It’s a very empowering crystal, especially for women, because it resonates with the heart chakra and will give support to your emotions.
The green colour Diopside is also believed to help you make contact or connect with the fairy kingdom.