Discover the TAROT - Paul Fenton-Smith

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Discover the TAROT - Paul Fenton-Smith

This tarot DVD offers a simple introduction to the ancient art of tarot reading. Based on more than 20 years experience, this engaging and insightful guide to tarot reading is both practical and realistic.

Including footage of a variety of actual readings, Discover the Tarot offers tips on

  • developing your own intuition.
  • how to word your questions for increased accuracy.
  • the importance of cleansing yourself after each reading.
  • the shuffling and card reversal process.
  • games for psychic development

It also It also addresses the issue of tarot dependence and the importance of free-will. In a subject which is often shrouded in mystery and spooky undertones, it is refreshing to see a practical approach to the tarot. Paul presents tarot reading as a useful tool to assist in decision making, highlighting the importance of preparing clear questions and using your common sense when consulting the cards.

Some procedures such as how to reverse cards while shuffling and laying out the card for clients to select, can’t be accurately described in a book, but are easily demonstrated on video.

It is essential that tarot readers tell clients about the past and present circumstances before making any predictions, as it can be argued that prediction is merely planting seeds in the mind of the client, states Fenton-Smith. He asserts that if a tarot reader correctly confirms recent past incidents and present circumstances, clients are likely to have more faith in the reader’s predictions of future events.

At around 40 minutes, Discover the Tarot is packed with beneficial information, useful tips and practical advice for both readers and clients.

Please note: This DVD is in PAL format and is suitable for playing in DVD players in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Germany.