Eudialyte Pendant #172 - Sterling Silver

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Eudialyte Pendant #172 - Sterling Silver  (pendant only)

Stone size: 3.6cm

Eudialyte is a lively, uplifting and energising heart stone. It opens the Heart Chakra, allowing us to receive and communicate love. It occurs with Black Tourmaline, which not only helps us to feel protected and to keep our feet on the ground, but the two stones work in tandem to stimulate the libido and encourage us to be less inhibited. It banishes depression, while it encourages physical energy and motivation – we almost believe we can fly. Eudialyte helps us connect with our sexuality and improves libido, when worn or held with this intention. There is generally an inclusion of agrellite in its matrix, which brings further cleansing, and alignment throughout the chakra system. Many examples also contain black inclusion, which is ferri-katophorite or aegerine (both minerals occur with eudialyte). This helps to consolidate the cleansing process, adds an element of grounding and protection, and tempers the euphoria eudialyte can produce, making it easier to work with. All three (or four) minerals together in matrix create an environment in which to work on many levels or dimensions in relative safety.