Faden Quartz # 447

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Faden Quartz # 447 
approx. size 4cm L x 3.5cm W x 1cm D

Faden Quartz are identified by the veiled milky feather like line within the structure which usually runs through the crystal. This linear veil is found almost exclusively in Tabular Crystals. The line represents the seed point of growth and these particular crystals have the ability to activate new growth within oneself or within someone you may be working with, utilizing healing energy.

Faden quartz is an important healing crystal and can be programmed to assist in healing specific complaints. It tends to hold its charge for long periods of time and can be programmed for multiple uses – healing, chakra balancing, protection.

Use Faden Quartz to

  • Repair energy fields
  • Integrate and activate all chakras
  • Remove unhealthy emotional attachments
  • Give stability while working on deeper healing issues.