Fairy Stone # 429

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Fairy Stone # 429 
approx. size 7.5cm L x 5.5cm W x .5cm D

This seemingly “natural sculpture” Fairy Stone is a calcium carbonate.
It’s made of fine argillaceous sand mixed with limestone cement and created in the permeable layers of a basin.
This basin is formed by diminishing glaciers where water loaded with carbon dioxide flowed through the rocks and broke down the limestone that they contained.
Having undergone a different kind of pressure and exposed to different temperature conditions, the leftover lime deposits in the lakes from the broken-down glaciers are sculpted into rounded stones and beautiful forms of abstract natural art.
They are then deposited in the shores of rivers and lakes.
Fairy Stones can be found in the Harricana River in Canada.
Some Fairy Stones that can be found today contain small traces left by miniature worms and microorganisms, and even organic remains that have been fossilized millions of years ago!

Native American Indians used it for good luck. These stones are the children of Mother Earth and bring light for her well-being. Very practical energy that gives a solution to problems. Also a protection stone. It is said that they adopt you so they can help you (little helpers).
Healing – Trauma; helps to stop fight or flight feelings. Calms or dispels anger and negative feelings. Arthritis pain, dissolves calcification and inflammation.