Frankincense Oil - Anna Riva's

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Frankincense Oil - Anna Riva's 

A sacred Oil for anointing objects and to bring many blessings.

As well, this Oil can allegedly free one from the obsession of drugs or alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy relationships, overeating and other destructive habits.

"Write on a parchment paper with DOVE'S BLOOD INK the habit or condition of which you wish to rid yourself. On the other side of the paper, write your name and place the paper in a small dish with the name facing upwards. Sprinkle it daily with three drops of Frankincense Oil each morning and evening and pray that the bondage of unhealthy habits or behavior will be taken away from you by repeating this little prayer:
'Be with me this day,
help me to respect my body,
my mind and my soul.
Instill in me the love of Self and God/Goddess,
nourish me with thy bountiful blessings,
and assist me to overcome the temptations put before me each day..'

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