Green Dyed Agate Wind Chime - Moon & Stars

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Green Dyed Agate Wind Chime - Moon & Stars
Sounds beautiful.
approx. length 69cm

Agate Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are known to attract positive energy and help ward off bad luck. In Feng shui, Agate has a healing and balancing energy that can be quite soothing.

And it is for this reason that Agate wind chimes are so popular. When the wind is breezing through, they have a lovely natural sound when moving around.

An ideal gift for home or garden décor, Agate wind chimes create a soothing sound indoors and outdoors and can add a touch of the exotic to any home.

The first thing people will ask when they see your wind chime is 'what is that made out of'. You see, agate is still relatively new in terms of what people see around their home.

Most wind chimes are made of metal or wood. If you love nature and beautiful vibrant colours, then agate wind chimes are a sure winner.