GREEN TREE 7 Chakras Fragrance Oil 10ml

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GREEN TREE  7 Chakra Fragrance Oil - 10 ml

Green Tree fragrance oils are based on the popular incenses of the same name, but please be aware that these oils do not smell exactly the same as their incense counterparts. Part of the fragrance you get from incense comes from the actual burning of the wood powders and resins that the incense is made from, and this is impossible to replicate with oils alone. The oils tend to give a cleaner, but more subtle and less intense fragrance than the incenses.

Green Tree fragrance oils are suitable for use in oil burners, potpourri bowls, and other similar room-fragrancing applications. Each bottle comes with an optional dripolator. We recommend fitting the dripolator to avoid spillage and leakage. Store in an upright position after opening.