Grey Mica #289

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Grey Mica #289  

165 grams

The Shield Stone, excellent for blocking radiation & EMF frequencies such as radio waves, microwaves, Gamma rays & Cosmic rays. Mica is highly protective its impenetrable shield wards of evil & deflects negative energy it has been used for centuries to keep ghosts, entities & malevolent intruders out of ones house or abode.

Excellent for channeling energy or information it brings great insight & helps to decode different frequency transmitions. Also good to use to transmit energy signals & broadcast a specific frequency particularly good for long distance transmitions. Place on chakras to cleanse & align the body’s energy fields it releases stored negative energy casting out any attachments & repairing the auric field. Mica shines light into darkness acting as a beacon for attracting good fortune & prosperity. It opens a solid Earth & Star link connecting one to above & below energies this greatly increases energy fluidity & opens the stellar conduit, giving rise to high levels of connection & conscious awareness. Connections & communications with Gods, deities & higher beings become stronger & more unified. Opening the stellar conduit brings with it a large amount of spark/life energy allowing for greater ability to affect physical realm manifestation & provides a continual supply of clean light infused energy.

Mica teaches flexibility & resilience, how to shape shift through life’s transitions, how to become an inconceivable concept, how to break down boundaries of illusion, how to cast out inner demons & find limitless freedom. Mica helps us achieve this freedom through discovering individuality & understanding the power of unity. Through unity there is great strength, however true unity can only be achieved when the individual self is brought forth & set free into the light. Magically Mica can be used as a scrying mirror to the past or future, opening or closing energy portals & for creating an energetic invisibility shield allowing one to stay unseen & operate covertly between worlds. A powerful shape shifting tool Mica can be used to create illusion & divert energies.