Key to Happiness Spell Candle - Lyllith Dragonheart

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Key to Happiness Spell Candle - Lyllith Dragonheart

 Our Happiness Spell Candles bring joy and happiness even without being lit! Burn to promote happiness and an uplifting vibe in your home or when performing happiness spells. The key charm can then be kept as a reminder, as a talisman or even hung above the front door to your home to continue bringing in happy energies.

 Happiness Spell Candles are made with pure essential oils of sweet orange, cinnamon and if prompted by spirit an additional oil. Sprinklings of Calendula (Marigold), Rose Petals and Jasmine flower buds are added to the top covered in more blessed wax.

 Each ingredient is chosen for it's spiritual and magickal properties for happiness, joy and comfort as well as medicinal properties for helping reduce depression. We then add a small key shaped charm. "The Key to Happiness"

 Each spell candle is charmed and blessed throughout the process, from blessing the ingredients, charming as mixed and poured and then again once finished off with decoration.