Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Generator #188

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Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Generator #188 - 8cm high x 2.5cm base

Some commonly reported benefits of Orgonite:
Better Sleep.
Increased Mood.
Increased stamina.
No longer affected by EMF (electromagnetic field)

Thanks to deposits of sulfur contained in its matrix, the Lapis Lazuli crystal stands out in the world of gemstones with its deep sapphire blue colour. It also contains prosperity and abundance qualities with its unique variations of gold and white specks from Calcite and Pyrite deposits, the good luck stones. Associated with the third eye chakra, the Lapis Lazuli meaning can be traced back to ancient Egypt where royalty believed in its power to stimulate openness to the spirit world and infinite possibilities of the imagination. Fashion icon and Egyptian beauty Cleopatra used the crushed powder of Lapis Lazuli in her cosmetics to create the signature eye makeup design that symbolises an Egyptian pharaoh.