Love & Romance Spell Candle - Lyllith Dragonheart

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Love & Romance Spell Candle - Lyllith Dragonheart 

These spell candles are handmade by Lyllith and made to order. They are made using 100% soy wax and each one will vary slightly in size and appearance.

 Love Spell Candles are designed to burn to encourage and strengthen love, romance and relationships, they can be used during your own Love spells and rituals or simply used as decoration or burned for their lovely scent.

These Love Spell Candles are made with pure essential oils of rose geranium & ylang-ylang, coloured pink and have organic rose petals on top. Each ingredient is chosen for it's spiritual and magickal properties for love. We then add a small heart shaped charm. 

Each spell candle is charmed and blessed throughout the process, from blessing the ingredients, charming as mixed and poured and then again once finished off with decoration.