Lovers Figure Candles

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Lovers Figure Candles

Lovers figure candle 190mm high.
Made with a special soy blend. These candles are unscented.

NOTE: The green lovers figure has been broken in transit. Will not effect the way it burns.

Image candles are candles which were created to symbolise a person or condition in spiritual workings. Figure candles work similarly to voodoo dolls or poppets by utilising sympathetic magic to aid in spell casting.

They are typically dressed with oil, like you would any other candle, and then marked and named for a specific person. They come in a wide range of colours and shapes, including Human Image Candles, Skull Candles, Cross Candles, Cat Candles, and Gender Candles.

Image candles are just as powerful as regular candles. Rootworkers ( Rootworker is one who practices a form of American Folk Magic) may find that they connect more strongly with the specific shapes of the candle that brings them the most success in their spellwork. These are excellent for focusing your purpose and can be made very personal by adding unique carvings and inscriptions. 

As with candle shape, candle colour is an important part of candle magic. Candle colours are chosen by the energies we wish to invoke and by symbolic meanings of the colour preference. People who cast spells with candles sometimes disagree on what colour candle is best for a specific spell. This list is a good general guideline for selecting candles for your rituals:

  • White. Associated with peace in the home and workplace, blessings, helping others, purification and healings.
  • Red. Associated with passion, fast luck, sex magick and love.
  • Green. Associated with money, prosperity, fertility and luck.
  • Pink. Associated with love, friendship, romance, affection, new relationships, tender love, attracting your soul mate, goodness, emotional love, harmony, tenderness, nurturing, family, protection, youth, calm sleep, and spiritual satisfaction.
  • Black. associated with break ups, removing/banishing and absorbing negative/evil energy, protection, breaking hexes and for exorcism.

Image candles are excellent aids for helping you focus on your needs and desires. They represent your conditions and allow you to more easily visualise your desired goals. Incorporate an image candle into your next ritual to amplify its effectiveness and strength.