Lyllith Dragonheart - Dressing Oils 10ml

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Lyllith Dragonheart - Dressing Oils 

10ml bottle with dropper.

Lyllith Dragonheart Botanical / Dressing oils are crafted based on traditional Hoodoo/Vodou recipes and oils. 

Each 10ml dropper bottle contains not only oils, but botanicals as well.

Crafted using high quality base oils, pure essential oils and organic herbs, resins and berries.

Oils available:

Come To Me Oil
Come to Me Oil is an extremely powerful attraction oil often used to bind a lover to you. It can be worn as a perfume oil to attract someone special or perhaps even to help draw your next lover out from hiding.
Please take care should you wish to perform love spells as these have the highest rate of "backfire" of all spells.

Ingredients: Almond Oil base with essential oils (Rose, Jasmine, Lemon), Organic dried violet leaves, patchouli, catnip and damiana. Contains red mica.

Spiritual Barrier Oil
Spiritual Barrier Oil is perfect for enhancing walls of protection, shielding your home and property or even material objects. 
Provides a protective barrier from the Spirit World and also discourages negative energy from the living.
Ingredients: Almond Oil base with essential oils (Rosemary), Organic dried Angelica root, Bay Leaves and Mandrake root.

Uncrossing Oil
Uncrossing oil removes & reverses hexes, curses, jinx' and can also be used to return said crossings back to the sender.
Can also be used to purify and cleanse of negative energies.
*Lyllith Dragonheart recommends having this oil, along with Spiritual Barrier Oil on hand should you be working magick which is on the darker side, such as curses.
Ingredients: Olive Oil base with essential oils (Frankincense), Organic dried Hyssop, Bay Leaves and Rue.

Three Kings Oil
Three Kings Day is recognized in the Catholic religion as Epiphany. Meaning ‘manifestation’, the Feast of the Epiphany commemorates the two events that are said to have taken place on January 6th. On this day, Christians believe that Jesus was visited by the three wise men and he was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.
Three Kings Oil is a must have for Christian Witches and is also used within Vodou practice for good luck.
Ingredients: Olive Oil base, Myrrh Tincture, Sandalwood essential oil, Frankincense resin, Myrrh resin, Sandalwood (powdered) and Amber pieces.

Law Stay Away Oil 
Law Stay Away Oil is generally used in places of illegal business dealings, when being harassed by the law or facing charges in Court - whether innocent or guilty. 
Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil base, Tangerine essential oil, organic pieces of Star Anise, Dragons Blood resin and Licorice Root.

Bend Over Oil
Bend Over Oil is for those who wish to take control of a situation or person. It can be used to make others do your bidding, encourage your boss to give you that promotion, or to help make others see you as important.
Ingredients: Olive Oil base with Bergamot essential oil and organic pieces of Calamus root, Licorice root and Frankincense resin.

Fast Luck Oil
For when you need Good Luck, Fast!
Can be used in conjunction with Money Drawing Powder when gambling, asking for a promotion or pay rise at work, applying for loans etc. 
Fast Luck Oil can also be used in workings to reverse bad luck or to help you get out of a rut.
Ingredients: Sunflower, Olive & Apricot oils with Lemongrass, Cinnamon & Bergamot essential oils, organic Juniper Berries, Lodestone (Lavastone when Lodestones are not available - these have been charged and are happy to step in to act as lodestones), yellow mineral colourant, gold sparkly mica flakes.