Lyllith Dragonheart - Jinx Removing Powder

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Lyllith Dragonheart - Jinx Removing Powder 

Jinx Removing: Use to remove, break, reverse and return curses, hexes and jinxes placed upon you. Can also be used to protect against such dark magick.

Sachet powders offer a purifying fragrance wherever they are used. Powder blowing is said to rid an area of foul or unsavory "presences," to put an end to negative conditions, and for gaining luck, money, happiness, or love. Some believe sprinkling powders in the corners of a room and door steps will help drive out evil spirits.

Also called sprinkling powders and blowing powders. These powders may be used as above, or to dress candles and other ritual/spell items with or without the addition to corresponding botanical oils.

Handmade using Organic Botanicals, natural colourants, mineral powders, essential oils and where the recipe calls for such ingredients may contain deceased insects, snake sheds, spider web, graveyard or crossroads dirt, ash, and other traditional ingredient additives.

Please do not ingest, inhale or otherwise take internally.