Lyllith Dragonheart - Pain Relief Tea

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Lyllith Dragonheart - Pain Relief Tea 

This beautiful herbal tea eases pain and helps you to sleep as well, it does need a little sweetening to taste so we recommend adding a little honey or other natural sweetener to suit your personal tastes.

 Made with natural, organic herbs and packaged in Kraft resealable bags with a clear back, instructions included.

 When I was testing this blend I had a migraine, which I often get and can last up to a week leaving me stuck in bed for days, I made myself a cup of Pain Relief Tea and within 20 minutes my Migraine started to ease off. I drank another cup of tea and drifted off to sleep for an hour, when I woke up my Migraine had become a slight headache and the nausea had completely gone.

Within 2 hours my headache had completely gone and I was able to catch up on more sleep and was happily back at work the next day. - Lyllith

 Ingredients: Catnip, Valerian root, Damiana, Scullcap, Passionflower, Wild Lettuce, Californian Poppy, St Johns Wort, Tulsi, Ginger.