Witches Black Salt Refill - Lyllith Dragonheart

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Witches Black Salt Refill - Lyllith Dragonheart

*Not for consumption, do not ingest - not to be confused with the black salt used in cooking!

I make this salt blend based on the traditional methods and each batch will be slightly different as it contains the scrapings from my own cauldron as per the traditional recipe. Some batches will be quite dark in colour, others more of a grey. This does not in any way mean one lot is better than another, each package will work as well as the rest of them.

Some common uses of Black Salt include:

  • Adding a pinch to floor washes to cleanse & protect the home
  • Creating a line of black salt across the front door to protect the home
  • Using black salt to create your magick circle 
  • Sprinkling in an enemies yard to make them wish to move
  • Adding black salt to other blends and herbs to increase their potency
  • Keep a little in a dish under the bed to keep nightmares away
  • Keep a little in a little bag on you to repel negativity, slander, gossip and jealousy
  • Can be used to symbolise the Waning Moon

Please remember that Black Salt holds onto the negativity it absorbs, so it should only be used once and careful thought should be taken when disposing of the used portion. Some like to bury it - preferably far from their home where no one may be effected by the negativity, others like to cast it into the wind at a crossroads, others flush the salt (not it's packaging!) down the toilet to symbolise flushing away the bad vibes, or it can be added to a fire so long as the ashes are not ever used to create any other ritual or magic items.

Black Salt is used for protection and to absorb negative energies, it is not black magic.

Please take care when using black salt on flooring or handling it as it may stain surfaces and skin.