Magickal Infused Soy Candles

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Magickal Infused Soy Candles 

Our Luxury, Botanical Infused Candle Collection, these sophisticated soy candles are made with 100% pure soy wax and available in three gorgeous fragrances along with two essential oil options for you to choose from!

Hand poured into these beautiful glass jars with bamboo lids, which are easy to clean with hot soapy water once your candle has finished burning all the way so you can reuse them for all kinds of things - a sprinkle of organic herbs, crystals added then wrapped with natural twine with appropriate charm and packaged in elegant black boxes, making them perfect for gifts!

 Candles weigh approximately 330g (not including jars), and general burn time is 165 hours.

 Available Scents - (made with fragrance oils)

  • Goddess: A stunning perfumy fragrance of light fruity notes, mixed with fruits and creamy florals. Base notes of patchouli, musk and moss. With our signature Goddess blend of Organic herbs, a few crystal chips are also added.
  • Horned God: A masculine scent fit for the Gods (and approved by some!) with our signature blend of Organic herbs of the Gods and a few crystal chips.
  • Driftwood & Sea Salt: Simply perfect salty sea, heady mix of sage and salt, with base notes of wood and musk. Topped with small seashells when available (from our trips to the beach) and Himalayan Salt.

 Essential Oil Options - (made with 100% pure essential oils)

  • Moon Magick: Our own moonlight blend of pure essential oils, featuring Jasmine, Lemon, Pink Lotus, Sandalwood and Mandarin. Topped with a Girasol crystal and our signature Full moon herbal blend of organic botanicals.
  • White Sage: Pure essential oil of White Sage, harvested by a local plantation along with an infusion and topping of organic White Sage Leaves and clear quartz points.