Mariposite Smooth Stone

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Mariposite Smooth Stone 
approx. size 4cm x 3cm

Mariposite is a mineral which is a chromium-rich variety of mica, which imparts an attractive green colour to the generally white dolomitic marble in which it is commonly found. ... The term "mariposite" also refers to the stone in which the green mica is found.

Mariposite helps us adapt to new situations easily. It is said to be a stone that reduces stress and helps us be calm and balanced. It also help us adapt to change and be more flexible , from a calmer spiritual space in the face of change. This calm and balance from reduced stress also helps reduce fear, which in turn breeds more calm and balance.

Mariposite is also said to help cope with energy overload, and avoid or eliminate exhaustion. It is also a stone of creative self-expression.