Mystic Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant - # 42

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Mystic Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant - # 42

approx. stone size 2.3cm x 1.6cm 

Rainbow hue, predominantly purple, blue, green                

Glittering, transparent faceted crystal       

Rare, usually found as jewellery                   

Artificially coated Topaz                 

ATTRIBUTES The coating of vaporized Titanium oxide (Rutile) lifts the energy of Topaz to an extremely high vibration' that enables multi- dimensional access. Mystic Topaz sheds light on the spiritual path, highlights goals and taps into inner resources.

Spiritually, this crystal brings about the trust in the universe that enables 'being' rather than 'doing'. Cutting through doubt and uncertainty and manifesting your soul plan' for the current incarnation, it supports affirmations, manifestation and visualization, teaching how to set intention from the heart without emotional involvement or mental projection'.

Excellent for cleansing the bio-magnetic sheath' and for inducing relaxation, Mystic Topaz releases tension at any level and speeds up spiritual development where this has been laborious. Psychologically, Mystic Topaz helps in discovering inner riches.

Mentally, this stone assists in problem-solving, accessing the universal mind. Showing the influence you have had and knowledge gained through many life experiences, Mystic Topaz has the capacity to help you see both the bigger picture and minute detail, recognizing how they interrelate.

Mystic Topaz is an effective emotional support, stabilizing feelings and making you receptive to love from every source. This glittering stone realigns the meridians' of the subtle bodies",

HEALING Works best at the subtle levels of being, but manifests health on all levels. Assists digestion and anorexia, restores taste, fortifies the nerves and stimulates the metabolism. Apply as a gem essence to the skin or for dimness of vision, but make the essence by the indirect method.

POSITION Wear at the ears, neck and wrist.