Natural Inks 30ml- Lyllith Dragonheart

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Natural Inks 30ml- Lyllith Dragonheart 

Handmade natural ink, crafted using organic herbs and resins, essential oils, some may also contain natural pigments/oxides to enhance colour, "Mystic Ink" also includes Mica for sparkle, alcohol as preservative.

Inks Available:

  • Black Walnut Ink
  • Blood Ink (no actual blood included, though can be used as a blood substitute in ritual)
  • Prosperity Ink
  • Mystic Ink

These Inks can be used to write in your Book of Shadows, Journals, for artwork, or even dying fabrics.

Can be used with a quill, feather, dip pens or caligraphy pens/ ink pens

  • 30ml rectangular glass bottle
  • *will cause stains, please be careful

***Each batch may vary slightly in colour as natural ingredients are used and may turn out different each time due to variables (heat, humidity etc. when brewing)