Orgonite Chakra / Reiki Set - 5 Pieces

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Orgonite Chakra / Reiki Set - 5 Pieces  (comes in a Pouch)

Place directly on the chakras or as a grid like pattern around the body, or on a problem area. 

Each resin Disk is packed with 7 chakra stones. Also included with the crystals are Copper and Metal Flakes, and all have a copper spiral coil to conduct the energies better.

The Chakra Crystals are:

1. Red Jasper

2. Orange Aventurine

3. Yellow Jasper

4.Green Aventurine

5. Lapis Lazuli

6. Blue Aventurine

7. Amethyst

1. Cho Ku Rei is the symbol of power; it opens the healer up to the wonderful power of the universal healing energy flow. It serves to amplify this power and is also used for spiritual protection.

2. SEI HE KI -The Harmony Symbol used for clearing out emotional and mental baggage. Also used for protection, clearing a room from negative energies, and purifying water and food.

3.HON SHA ZE SHO NEN -This is the Connection Symbol which allows one to heal from a distance; go into the past, present or even the future to initiate a healing.

4. DAI-KO-MYO - The Enlightenment Symbol. This is the Master Symbol. Considered to have the highest vibration. Used in passing attunements and has the ability to heal at a soul level.

5. The Universal symbol - (Ray Kee) Universal Life Energy (Ray) Breath Life Force (Kee
Orgone is life energy or chi.