Palm Root Generator Point #320

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Palm Root Generator Point #320  

approx. size 2cm x 2.2cm x 8cm height

60 grams 

Fossilised Palm Root is a stone of tender and gentle transformation. It is birthed from the miracle of elemental forces, millions of years of time and great pressure that has transformed the root and wood of the Indonesian Palm into beautiful crystal formations. Fossilised Palm Root carries the timeless wisdom and knowledge of the evolving Earth into our present moment. This knowledge reveals to us the sacred nature that is inherent in all life, including ourselves. 

Fossilised Palm Root shows us the way to release and heal past life issues and current life challenges, confusion and fear. Gently transforming old energies and behaviors and re-grounding us into a new foundation that is stable, strong, solid and tranquil. Fossilised Palm Root assists us to balance and soothe emotions, dissolve emotional fear, release negative repetitive behaviors and ease our feelings of depression and anxiety. It shows us the pathway into ourselves for self-discovery and deepens and expands our foundational perspective. 

Fossilised Palm Root grounds us deeply into the natural kingdom and body of Earth revitalising our physical, emotional and mental bodies with vital life force and chi. It brings protection to body and energy bodies and encourages a harmonious balance between our physical and spiritual life. It inspires the expansion of positive beliefs and woos the energy of contentment to bubble up from within, resulting in upliftment of mind, body and emotion.

In healing, Fossilised Palm Root is believed to ease issues associated with bones and skeletal system, bone marrow, liver, gallbladder, cellular metabolism, normalize heart beat and attract luck.