Pietersite Sterling Silver Pendant - # 41

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Pietersite Sterling Silver Pendant - # 41

approx. stone size 3.2cm x 2.5cm 

This stone is a great source of protection. It can be worn about the neck or carried in the pocket to keep one safe from both physical and psychic harms.

Pietersite brings safety during storms. It will protect its wearer and also speed the arrival of calmer weather.

The stone can also help pets who suffer from storm-related anxiety. Simply place it in the pet bed for immediate relief.

Those who wear the stone at all times will find that self-confidence receives a boost. The crystal helps an individual to be more assertive and sure of their skills.

The creative soul will find inspiration in the gold and blue hues of Pietersite. It can function in a manner not all that different from a crystal ball.

Those who are sensitive to electrical vibrations will discover that Pietersite brings relief. It helps to calm the nerves and mitigate the body’s negative response to electronic frequencies.