Polychrome Jasper Turtle Hatchling #167

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Polychrome Jasper Turtle Hatchling #167 

approx. size 6.5cm W x 7cm L x 5.2cm H

Polychrome Jasper or Desert Jasper is a type of jasper stone that was accidentally found in the Madagascar mountains in 2008.

It comes in huge formations and colors like purple, gold, pink, red, or brown hence named polychrome jasper, i.e., multicolor jasper.

The reason for different hues is the impurities, mainly Iron.

It is usually associated with motivation, nurturing, creativity, passion, etc. It is indeed a magical stone.

Polychrome jasper is a stone of energy, truth, wisdom, healing, stability, inspiration, nurturing, self-love, courage, and so much more.

It helps one find the purpose of life, connect deeply with mother nature, and aids in physical and emotional balance to create a sense of fullness.

In general, the basic desert jasper stone meaning is related to being an energy healer that slowly spreads the positivity around.

It connects with all chakras to open up the trapped thoughts, soothe anxiety, recall dreams, and focus on what matters.