Print Stone Jasper Tumble Stones

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Tumble stone sizes generally range from 1 - 3cm

Print Stone Jasper Tumble Stone  

PRINT STONE JASPER - Another name for this gem is 'Chinese Paint Stone', though varieties of this gem are found in many locations throughout the world. Occurring in a range of earthy colours, mostly with a tan or grey background and darker patterning, Print Stone, like all Jaspers, carries strong earth vibrations, offering protection from negative energies and bestowing courage in times of need. The artful colour patterning of Print Stone Jasper supports creative endeavors. All Jaspers are known as gems of relaxation and contentment. Jaspers are considered the 'supreme nurturer' promoting mothering and caring and are the patron stone of counselors and therapists. Physically Jasper stimulates circulation and energy flow and fortifies the immune system. Chakra root and brow.