Psychic Essence - Divination Spray 110ml (Lyllith Dragonheart)

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Psychic Essence - Divination Spray -  110ml  (Lyllith Dragonheart)

Psychic Essence is a powerful mist spray designed to be used before spiritual or divination workings, it opens the Third Eye and enhances spiritual connection and promotes spiritual communication. Also aids in astral journeying and lucid dreaming.


Each bottle is charmed and blessed by Lyllith in ritual after being charged by the Elements.

Made with purified water, essential oils of lemongrass, frankincense, myrrh and cinnamon, with a crystal chip of either Lapiz Lazuli, Clear Quartz or Amethyst depending on which stones we have on hand when making your bottle, some bottles may also contain dried organic herb.

 *Essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy and around young infants. Please check with a licensed aromatherapist or natural therapist before use if you have any concerns.