Purple Obsidian Tumble Stones (man-made)

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Purple Obsidian Tumble Stone  (man-made) 
Tumble stone sizes generally range from 1 - 3 cm

Purple Obsidian naturally speaks to the psychic abilities within us. It is a stone that facilitates visions, revelations, and lucid dreams. It teaches us to look within ourselves for answers, and to trust our intuition and "gut feelings". It is a great stone for those who are just starting to realise their psychic abilities, and is a wonderful companion stone for those who are already practising and want to keep their psychic energy rejuvenating. Purple Obsidian has a charming energy that keeps us true to ourselves and trusting our deepest, intuitive voice.

Purple Obsidian is a see-through purple stone that can be purely purple and resemble amethyst, may be clear with purple stripes, or clear with purple freckles.