Rainbow Aura Quartz Fancy Clasp Pendant - Non Silver

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Rainbow Aura Quartz Fancy Clasp Pendant - Non Silver   (pendant only)

The rainbow aura crystal is actually part of the quartz family, yet you’d never know because the titanium that has bonded to the surface of the crystal has given it a multicoloured rainbow appearance.

The crystal has a number of aliases including Flame Aura Quartz, Dark Rainbow Aura and, most commonly, Titanium Aura. It has the properties of both quartz and titanium. Whether it’s this that makes it so strongly powerful, we don’t know, but one thing is for sure: having this crystal in your life will increase your personal power, encouraging you to use it again and again in different situations. You may start to choose to navigate your life using this crystal specifically.

Throughout our lives, we all come up against stressful situations and toxic people. Having a rainbow aura crystal on hand will strengthen your ability to work through any conflicts you might be facing. You might find that instead of feeling stressed or hopeless about a certain situation, you tackle it with hope and enthusiasm.

As well as filling you with these sorts of positive powers, rainbow aura crystal is a fantastic tool for healing on all levels. It helps to ground, centre and balance you and may give you insight, energy and compassion, and allow you to feel excited and joyful.