Resin Blends

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Resin Blends

Frankincense, White Sage Powder, Egyptian Gum, Gum Dammar, Guggal, Vatican Mix, Dragons Blood, Myrrh and Frankincense & Myrrh & Benzoin

Each resin blend is packed in a 25ml Test Tube.
For best results burn on charcoal blocks.

Benzoin Resin - For protection and wealth, to help bring inspiration and understanding to financial situations.

Dragon's Blood - Adds extra power and strength to any magical workings directed towards love, protection and energy.

Egyptian Gum Resin - Purifying powers to cleanse the mind of negative and fearful thoughts that can hinder progress.

Egyptian Musk Resin - Aids in spells and rituals to enhance wisdom, improve self-confidence and strength of spirit.

Frankincense Resin - Awakens a desire for a spiritual understanding of life.

Frankincense & Myrrh Resin - The male and female principle - masculine and feminine energies work in harmony, offering protection and spiritual guidance.

Guggal Resin - Can help the emotions - particularly in situations where a sense of loss has been experienced.
Gum Dammar Resin - Connects the mind to emotions to help heal and allow a deeper spiritual awareness.

Myrrh Resin - Useful in situations where emotions are under pressure. Clears a space so you can think your way through a problem.

Vatican Mix Resin - Brings protection, spiritual understanding and success learned from following a spiritual path.

White Sage Powder - Purifying and cleansing. Waft the smoke around the person, place or object needing purification. White Sage is considered sacred by Native Americans.