Rhyolite (Brazil) Smooth Stone

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Rhyolite (Brazil) Smooth Stone 
approx. size 4cm x 3cm

 Rhyolite is the volcanic equivalent of granite. Rhyolite is primarily considered porphyritic, with larger quartz crystals known as phenocrysts, found in a matrix of fine grained crystals. The crystallisation of Rhyolite occurs before the lava flow reaches the earth’s surface. Rhyolite commonly occurs along with other volcanic rocks such as obsidian and pumice. Rhyolite’s wide colour range includes mottled grey, white, pink, red, black, green, blue and yellow-brown. Rhyolite also occurs with a wide variety of patterns and graphic, bold, and unusual markings. Rhyolite is found worldwide.

Rhyolite ignites the potential and creativity of the soul.  Rhyolite helps to facilitate change and forward progress.  Rhyolite may be helpful in accessing karmic wisdom and is a useful crystal tool for past-life healing. Rhyolite is a stone of introspection; strengthening soul, body and mind when exploring the self and individual issues processing the past and integrating it with the present.  Rhyolite brings things to resolution, no matter where the source of difficulties may have been.  Rhyolite encourages one to move forward, keeping one anchored in the present moment rather than hanging on to things and experiences that belong in the past.  Rhyolite fosters self-esteem, an increase of self-worth and acceptance of your true self. Rhyolite facilitates a deep state of meditation and promotes insight into the truth of the matter.
Green Rhyolite assists with the development of skills, ability, and integrity. Green Rhyolite stimulates creative expression and the ability to express your truth while speaking about difficult topics. Green Rhyolite facilitates understanding for the reason behind necessary changes – a bigger picture view. Green Rhyolite helps one to release negative expectations and perceived outcomes and energizes one for moving joyfully forward in life. Green Rhyolite is an excellent crystal support for procrastinators and those who need help completing projects. Green Rhyolite is a stone of connection with those loved ones who have crossed over and for animal communications. Green Rhyolite is a natural crystal remedy for calming animals.

Rhyolite helps to fortify the body's natural resistance.  Rhyolite may be helpful in the treatment of veins, rashes, skin disorders, infections, and improves the assimilation of B vitamins. Rhyolite also may be helpful in dissolving kidney stones and softening hardened tissue.  As an elixir, Rhyolite gives strength and improves muscle tone. Rhyolite for past-life regression may be placed on the forehead (under direction of skilled therapist) and for the emotional release placed on the solar plexus. Green Rhyolite is an overall healer and supports healthy well-being. Green Rhyolite may be helpful in the treatment of sugar levels, diabetes, and hypoglycemia.