Secrets Of Chakras - Jennie Harding

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Secrets Of Chakras - Jennie Harding 

The chakras represent a system of belief that is related to the practice of yoga and the principles of Ayurveda from India.

An accessible, easy to follow step-by-step guide to the principles of the chakras

Complete beginners’ introduction, with instructions, diagrams and suggestions

Presenting the chakras as an ‘energy map’ allows them to be explained in simple terms; there are ways to apply the map differently by using images, visualisations, activities and healing practices so that the different energy levels can be experienced. For example, you may get persistent throat infections or keep losing your voice, or you might be feeling unable to say what you really feel-these are signs that the throat chakra is under performing and needs more energy. This book can provide ways to explore, unblock, and re-energise the different chakras.