Septarian Egg #411 - 10.3cm

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Septarian Egg #411 - 10.3cm  (stand not included)

approx. size 9.6cm height x 7.3cm width

750 grams

The energies of septarian stone are highly effective in calcium absorption. They can also help warm your limbs and bring energy to the whole body. The septarian stone will help relieve pain and give your immune system a much needed boost. It can help stop twitching and muscle spasms at night.

Septarian nurtures and grounds the wearer, bringing about feelings of happiness and understanding. This versatile stone is also a speaking stone that is said to improve communication skills of the holder. Septarian is associated with the lower chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus.

Septarian is found in the National Park,  Southern Utah. It is also found in Mahajanga in Madagascar and Morocco. Septarian is also known as 'Dragon Stone' Its name 'Dragon Stone' comes from an old Malagasy legend.