Spinel Heart Slice

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Spinel Heart Slice 
approx. size 5.5cm x 5.5cm

Connected with energy renewal and rejuvenation. Encouragement to keep going in difficult times. Enhances positive aspects of your personality. Helps you to accept success with humility.
Red – promotes strength and vitality, arouses kundalini.
Violet – spiritual development, astral travel.
Yellow – personal power, stimulates intellect.
Orange – creativity, intuition, balance emotions.
Green- love, compassion and kindness.
Brown – cleanses the aura, grounding, connects to physical body.
Blue- communication, channelling, calms sexual desire.
Black- insights into material problems, stamina, protection.

Vitorite/Spinel – Violet Spinel/Black Biotite/Snow Quartz
Spinel stimulates vitality, strength. Biotite helps to detox body and aura to release energies. Snow quartz gives stability and stamina. Vitorite activates all chakras, encourages rise of Kundalini power. Helps you to discover your lives purpose. This unique combination gives your spiritual protection and direction.
Healing – Re-balancing the body. Excellent for convalescence and recovery from trauma.