Strawberry Obsidian Tumbles

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Strawberry Obsidian Tumble
Tumble stone sizes generally range from 1 - 3cm

Strawberry Obsidian Tumbled Crystal is a good grounding and balancing stone. It allows its holder to face their own fears and challenge their anxiety so that they see that it was not needed. Strawberry Obsidian helps one realise the areas in yourself that needs changing. Obsidian is a natural glass that forms when lava goes into water. Although it is a natural glass, it has dye in it to create this breath-taking red colour.

  • Physically Strawberry Obsidian stimulates the root chakra and validates self-worth.
  • Emotionally Strawberry Obsidian balances the male and female energies.
  • Spiritual Strawberry Obsidian blocks psychic attack and removes any negative spiritual energies.