The Pebbles On The Beach: A Spotter's Guide - Clarence Ellis

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The Pebbles On The Beach: A Spotter's Guide - Clarence Ellis 

class=product-short-description text-large>The ideal beach walker’s companion and ‘still the best book I know for identifying, well, pebbles on the beach’ (Robert Macfarlane).

Pebble hunting is a pleasant and health-giving hobby, whether pursued on a beach, the lake-side, or the river-bank, and all but those who are nearing the last stages of decrepitude can enjoy it.



First published in 1973, and recently rediscovered, this is a spirited guide to the simple pleasure of pebble spotting. Ellis is a charming, knowledgeable, and witty guide to everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about pebbles.He ruminates on what a pebble actually is, before showing us how they are formed, advising on the best pebble-spotting grounds in the UK, helping to identify individual stones, and giving tips on the necessary kit.

This edition will feature fresh illustrations and a new introduction by Robert Macfarlane. Nature-lovers won’t want to leave home without a copy firmly tucked into their coat pocket.