Tiffany Stone Crystal Chips - 100g

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Tiffany Stone Crystal Chips - 100g 

Tiffany Stone is a marvelous support for the emotional body, alleviating blockages and clarifying thought, helping one to be more open and receptive to others and to change. It bolsters mental strength and the ability to express one’s natural feelings, both positive and negative, and to verbalize feelings that have been hidden or of which one may be ashamed. Tiffany Stone relieves tension and worries from the past, and brings an effortlessness and gentleness to one’s life. It empowers one to be more objective, inventive, and to live joyously in the present.

Tiffany Stone channels a sweet, spiritual essence, a high-vibrational energy that opens the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras and connects to multi-dimensions and the highest of guidance. It encourages following one’s path wherever it might lead, and supports the soul in its quest. Tiffany Stone is a beautiful vehicle for Spirit, and is exceptional for communication and interpretation of psychically received information.