Variscite Slab #434

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Variscite Slab #434  (self standing)

approx. size 21cm width x 8.9cm height x 2.3cm depth

485 grams

Variscite is a stone of calming and encouragement. It is beneficial for nervousness, clear thinking, and perception. It enables you to think clearly and communicate efficiently. It instills balance and brings in more energy and vitality.

Variscite is helpful for past life exploration, it stimulates insights into the cause of disease and reframing situations.

It brings in hope when things feel hopeless or when you’re feeling depleted and exhausted. It reduces or clears nervousness and anxiety. It supports sobriety yet helps maintain a fun and enjoyable lifestyle.

Variscite is thought to be excellent for the male reproductive system. It is said to treat acidity in the body and illnesses caused by too much acid including gout and gastritis. It is also believed to balance the energy of the nervous system and assist circulation and abdominal distension. It is thought to be beneficial for peaceful sleep.